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National Observatory of Athens 72-hours Forecasts

The 72-hours weather forecasts for the Eastern Mediterranean and Greece are provided daily by the National Observatory of Athens.

Data from Meteorological Station at Penteli Site

The data presented below are collected from the meteorological station of the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, located at Penteli area:
Longitude +23.86 deg, Latitude +38.05 deg, Height above sea level 509 m.

These data are updated every 10 minutes. (24-hour charts are available.)

Parameter Units Value
 Air Temperature oC 24.8 
 Mean Sea Level Pressure hPa 1008.4 
 Relative Humidity % 59. 
 Precipitation mm 0.0 
 Illuminance lux 25954. 
 Global Horizontal Irradiance Wm-2 267. 
 Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance Wm-2 107. 
 Maximum wind vector 10m Speed ms-1 10.0 
 Mean wind vector 10m Speed ms-1 8.4 
 Mean wind vector 10m Direction deg 23. 
 StDev wind vector 10m Direction deg 13. 

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